DeFiprime #22

What happens in the DeFi space in June 2020

New DeFi Products

The PieDAO is a decentralized organization dedicated to bringing market accessibility and economic empowerment through Pie Protocol


Matcha is a crypto trading platform with smart order routing powered by 0x. Matcha aggregates liquidity from multiple sources, including 0x, Kyber, Uniswap, Oasis, Curve, and others.

🆕 We are bootstrapping a new community forum Alpha DeFi focused on discussions around early and not audited DeFi products. Feel free to chime in.

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Aave is an open-source and non-custodial protocol for money market creation on Ethereum. Originally launched with the Aave Market, it now supports a Uniswap Market and enables users and developers to earn interest and leverage their assets. Aave also pioneered Flash Loans, the first uncollateralized loan option in DeFi, and an innovative building block for developers.

Interviews with DeFi projects

  • Matic Network - We speak with Sandeep Nailwal about how L2 Scaling works on Matic and why Matic Network is an ideal platform for DeFi DApps.

Governance tokens is a 🔥 topic this summer in DeFi

Image of the month

Look at the tallest column compared to Gold.

Noteworthy Links

This month was tightly packed with great content and news in DeFi space.

Meme of the month

Random cool things from defiprime

Upcoming DeFi Events

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