DeFiprime #7


New DeFi Products


SODA is a DAO for lending and borrowing crypto-assets. You can borrow DAI within 15 minutes with a fixed rate using Bitcoin (BTC) as a collateral.


Idle enables tokenizing the best interest rate among Ethereum money markets.


3Box is a next-generation framework for managing user data on the internet.


LiquidSwap allows you to trade on multiple DEXs and combine liquidity for the best price.


Tinlake allows you to tokenize your real-world assets and use them in the decentralized finance ecosystem to take out loans.


rDai (redeemable DAI) allows you to invest money in an Interest generating pool, used for collateralized loans. You still hold on to the exact amount you invested, and can spend it at will.

MakerDAO vs. LendingClub

slide from Andreessen Horowitz Crypto Regulatory Summit 2019


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